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About James

Doing "research" for a novel in Austria

I’m a professional Canadian Tax Preparer who specializes in small, unincorporated businesses and rental properties. I also write fiction, but that’s another story.

For the past six years I’ve been with the same CA firm.  Currently I manage their Personal and Small Business Taxation Department.  We are extremely busy and have not accepted any new clients for the entire time I’ve been there.  Every year we turn away at least twenty people looking for someone to help them with their taxes.  Like most accounting offices, we simply do not have time to take on more clients.  A public accounting practice is a recession-proof business.  Even companies filing for bankruptcy need an accountant.

Most of the people we turn away could do their returns themselves with a little coaching, and I believe their business would be stronger for it.  They would have a better understanding of where they are at financially, and they would save a whack of money (we bill out at $200 per hour).

Unfortunately, from January to June (my “tax season”) every year I do not have time to coach anyone as I’m too busy trying to prepare the returns of our 170 clients.  I feel bad turning people away, and so this blog is in part a selfish attempt to make me feel better by attempting to help someone prepare their own taxes, or at least save them money by showing them how to organize their business records in a way to cut down on accounting charges.