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Expense Summary Worksheets

I was going to just put up a single expense “template” but I got carried away and thought I might as well put up separate sheets for the most common expenses that 99% of businesses use. If you need a different category, you can make a copy of one of these, change the name on the front “summary” sheet, and it will flow through to the monthly sheets.

Put these in a folder on your computer with the Revenue Summary from my previous post, all backed up with the shoebox full of receipts, and presto! You have a complete set of books that the Canada Revenue Agency (and I dare say any other country) would be very happy to see.

Please let me know if you find a mistake and I’ll fix it.

I’ll talk more about these in upcoming posts.


Assets Costing More Than $400  (Capital assets–not true expenses but we need to keep track of them)

Business Fees & Licenses


Interest & Bank Fees

Inventory Purchases  (For those of you who have COGS or don’t know what it is, read this post and this one too)

Legal & Accounting

Maintenance and Repairs

Meals & Entertainment

Not Sure Where it Goes  (Every business has one of these but usually uses a cooler name!)

Office Expenses



Telephone, Internet and Utilities


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